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James Lundgren

900 E. Pecan, Suite 300-158

Pflugerville, Texas 78660


Tel: 512-745-6935

Motivational Wellness

Austin, Texas

Take Control of your success


I am a professional with 30 years experience as Vice President of Sales. Dealing with Sales Professionals on all levels I have obtained a wealth of knowledge and insight.  I have actually been through the day to day experiences of professional sales people.

I am in my 60's now and invested most of my career in hiring, training, motivating and working with sales people throughout the United States.

There is nothing more challenging nor more rewarding than a successful career in sales.  You can be a success too!


How I Can

Help You

One On One sessions are tailored to your particular lifestyle and career. Specifically covering both your career goals and your life goals and how they can be joined to ...
One On One or Corporate Services
1 hr